About me

Hello guys,


I am Rushikesh Patil– a “Bhataku”

I am a mechanical engineer by profession, working at Steelcase. I have been traveling to various places since childhood. Exploring new places energize me and teaches me the way to live. I am fortunate to get a family and friends who support my passion. Being a working professional, I get time on weekends to explore new places. I have a bunch of friends with whom I travel regularly. Spiritual places stand at highest in my priorities as I get a chance to connect my soul to the super soul.

None the less, I love to explore the beauty of western ghats, beaches, and forts. I am very fond of Scuba diving and snorkeling as it feeds my adventure hunger. In between, I plan for the major escapes in different states of India.

I will try to share my best experiences and moments.

Welcome to Bhataku’s squad!

Keep traveling, exploring and sharing!