Virat Visapur!

Memories made in the mountains stays in the hearts forever!

Trekking is something for which I live. It is an exciting, refreshing and thrilling experience. Every trek is a learning in itself. It is truly a stress buster. Moreover, it helps me to learn the art of self-control and determination.

In July, we were planning for a trek on weekend. Weekend escape has always been a topic of the fight as everyone has some different plans in mind. After a lot of chaos, we concluded it to Raigad. Our enthusiast formed a WhatsApp group, started posting photos to set the scene. Just before the morning, we leave, our enthusiast turned off the plan and it was about to cancel, such ditchers! Fortunately, somebody messaged in between, “What about Visapur?”. All right, at least yehi to sahi.

We boarded in the morning train from Akurdi and got down at Malavali station. Since the monsoon has already set the scene, the lush green blanket on mountains and the small waterfalls peeping their heads in between, it was quite beautiful. One can find many good places for breakfast just at right to the station. Vada pav, missal, poha as always on the top of the list.

Pet pooja!
The monsoon at it’s best!

We headed towards the Bhaje caves. After a walk of 3 km, we got an enchanting view of bhaje. The whole area was got drenched in dense fog. The waterfalls have just started gushing on. We climbed up towards the caves. The view from the top was heavenly.

Entrance to heaven-Bhaje
Where are these steps leading to?
Bhaag Milkha Bhag….!
Bachke re rehana re baba, bachkae rehna re…..tujh pe nazar hai!
Ruko, let’s take a photo!

There are 2 ways to reach Visapur fort. One is quite simple and time-consuming and the other one quick but risky. “Aaj kuch tufani karte hai”. Taking a left turn before the caves, we headed up towards the flat terrain. In this stipe part of the trek, you will find waterfalls, sludge and water crossings. This part of monsoon reveals the beauty of wildflowers and the wide variety of mosses. Although the first part of the trek is quite exhausting, the panorama was breathtaking.

Are we in heaven?- the awesome panorama!

The flat terrain leads to a dense forest and you actually feel like a jungle trek. You feel like you are in another world as you cannot see anything except the small trail in dense fog. Enveloped by the dense forests of a thousand greens, the trek is a serene and tranquil one.

The best part about this course is that you walk through a lot of different kinds of terrain. In the same trek – you walk across a grassland for some time, cross multiple waterfalls, walk through a dense forest, and for the final ascent, walk directly up a flowing waterfall, which is exciting.

yes, the one at behind!
The flat terrain just before the jungle trail.
This rocky trail leads you to the gate of the fort.

At the bottom near the steps, one can see a huge carving of Lord Hanuman, the patron deity of the Visapur fort. Hence, the walls of the fort have a beautiful huge carving of the great Lord Hanuman made to pay homage to the lord. In addition to this, the walls are flanked with smaller intricate drawings made in his respect.

Jai Hanuman!
The journey begins!

As you move up, the journey of wonder begins!


Why so serious?….Hahaha….
Welcome to Visapur!

The Visapur fort is surrounded by tall veranda walls and is dotted on the inside with caves and cisterns of water. The top of the fort is a large plateau, and you can walk along the walled perimeter of the fort and take a look at the view in all directions.

The mighty walls…


Fog, fog and fog…..


There are a few temples of Hanuman at different places, and quite a few water storage cisterns. The fun is to pick one of the many waterfalls falling from the edge of the fort and try to track the source of water – you’re sure to find a huge pond somewhere!

Doesn’t look like a poison?. Well, I am bad at the imagination, bare me.
Haah, this looks better.
Some more variations!


Monsoon be like!

There is a well inside the fort too which is said to have been built by the Pandavas! Also, the premises of the splendid fort have many temples dedicated to the lord. There are a few remains of an old Mahadev shrine which is a shrine built to honour Lord Shiva. The flag post, canon and bastion, various buildings (wadas), grinders used for construction and other remains of the fort marked the history of Swarajya.

At one of the noses of the fort!


Trying to capture the beauty…

It took almost an hour to explore the beauty of this fort. After a little rest and pet pooja, we marched towards the opposite nose of the fort.



Yes, we are there!
The view from the other side is just marvellous!

None the less, you will be able to see the enchanting views of Lohagad, Tikona and Tung Forts, and the expressway. The fort is quite big as compared to Lohgad.

Twin brother of Visapur- Lohgad Fort
One more twin- Tung and Tikona and that Pavana dam in between!
Mumbai-Pune expressway, lifeline!

After a tour of about 2 hours at this leisurely place, we chose the same rocky trail with gushing waterfalls, to get down.

Dum laga ke…..


When we reached to the flat terrain, we could see an old man (maybe of my grandfather age) waving at us. We were hungry enough to run at his hut in hope and guess what? he was also waiting for someone. I personally suggest having a meal at such huts as it is there only means of livelihood. He served a couple of hot plates of Maggie (what else could be a quicker way to cater your hunger?) and a black tea.

A must thing in the monsoon!

So, it was a quite unexpected getaway. A trek to this magnificent fort is a treat for the adventure enthusiast in everyone. The terrain of the trek is suited for both- an amateur who seeks an experience of a lifetime and an expert trekker who wants to cater to his adrenaline filled hobby.

Where is the next trek, bhai log?

On Monday, we did not forget to jealous the ditchers with the lovely photos. As it is the only way to get them on track, LOL…… 



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  1. Tony Stark says:

    Mast hai blog.


  2. DILIP PATIL says:

    I have been this place twice. But never felt so beautiful than you shared. Awesome photography and description!


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