Dil se………Delhi!

Steelcase likes to focus on customer satisfaction more than anything else. Being in the operations team, it was about my new project to improve the packaging of the products which are getting dispatched at sales sites. Discussion with manager concluded a visit to Delhi at customer sites to check the feasibility of packaging. It was just 4 days before the actual journey.

On the early morning of 1st June, I boarded in Jet Airways flight. I was feeling a little dozy as I left home at about 3 am. As soon as the plane crossed the altitudes, I got stunned by the beautiful site of sunrise. My sleep went off and I started capturing the moments. It was like a majestic orchestra of a wide range of colours. About twenty minutes later, it became even more beautiful as the sun peeked over the horizon. The sky had now become pink like a sea of cotton candy, with the light of the sun colouring the clouds above with a pinkish hue. As the sun slowly ascended, it became a deep neon blue as the light reached further out.

CYMERA_20180601_074703  CYMERA_20180601_075135  CYMERA_20180601_070121

In between, I woke up but came to know that- Abhi Dilli door hai………After the landing callI was expecting a vast city with big skyscrapers but could only see the yellow ground. Oops, I was sitting exactly opposite to the view from the window at left.

Lo, aa gayi Dilli…

Delhi airport is one of the beautiful airports, I must say. The big brass “Mudras” got my special attention. The interesting thing is, that each mudra has a special meaning. It was a warm welcome in dil walon ka shehrthe place which belongs to the people with Big hearts.

Selfie maine leli aaj, sar pe mere mudra ka taaj

Coming out of the airport, I hired an uber taxi to Golf course road, Haryana. Just because I wanted to explore the city, I chose to sit in the front. It always helps when you are going to a new place as you can see the things more clearly. The industrial area is very well planned and constructed. The major sectors are connected through an elevated Rapid metro which runs in the middle.

yrms (1)
The Rapid Metro

And here I come to One horizon center, just awesome!

So, here it is!

A 25 storied sustain-ably designed structure which spreads in an area of 11 acres. The architecture was both grand and elegant. The LEED-certified space houses fortune 500 companies. I entered the elevator with great excitement.

CYMERA_20180602_005128 CYMERA_20180817_213602

Oh, it was 11th floor..I came out and what is that huge reception at the left ??


CYMERA_20180601_223859 CYMERA_20180601_224308

I entered the office and got awestruck by the beauty. I met Ankur with whom I was meeting right after my college interview. Steelcase work life centers are more than just showrooms. They are designed as destinations and illustrate our belief that the workplace needs to provide users with choices and control over where and how they work.

I started looking at the wide variety of furniture. Brody , Series one, LagunitasMedia scapeCobi, ThinkLess than fiveFrame one , LeapGestureBob Lounge and what not??

Massaud, Await and Lagunitas Lounge
Those bright chairs- less than Five ( the weight is less than 5 pounds, yeah!)
The guys sitting at Media scape
Campfire ( doesn’t the name suit the colour?)


CYMERA_20180601_225138 CYMERA_20180601_224902 CYMERA_20180601_224824

I want one at home!
How cool is this!
My favourite Series one chair!

CYMERA_20180601_225253 CYMERA_20180601_224655

Well, it was a time for the site visits. Sanoj Kumar was my companion for the day. He advised travelling by metro everywhere. Thik hai bhai, jaise aap bolo……..

First was the Google office. It was magnificent and beautiful. I was happy to see our workplace solutions over there the Personality chair, Think chair and Frame One desking. Then, we went to Bose. I always wanted to see the Migration, the features are super cool. You can work while sitting as well as standing.

It is not the actual photo as the site was under construction, but it looks similar.

Meanwhile, we did not forget to hog on the North Indian fast food – “Chole Bhature”. Hailing all the way from Punjab, it has taken people by storm. It has a unique combination of chana masala (spicy chick peas) and fried bread called bhatora (made of maida flour). A hot plate of Chole Bhature (with squeezed lime over!) was a sheer treat.

The sheer treat with steamy bins and puffed bhaturas, yumm…….

P.S. – I do not eat onion and garlic. So, I hope you have understood whose plate it was?

By the evening, I completed all tasks. What’s next?…a bit tired. I had a mid-night flight back to Pune. Sanoj suggested, “Are Red fort to pass me hi hain”, to chalo bhai, Let’s go….

Red Fort a UNESCO world heritage site was the main residence of the Mughals. The big defensive walls of red sandstone catch your sight.

Shandaar Red Fort!

The fort’s artwork depicts Persian, European and Indian art, resulting in a unique Shahjahani style rich in form, expression and colour. The Lahori Gate is the main entrance, leading to a domed shopping area known as the Chatta Chowk. The bazzar has many glittery things to buy, it was a bit costly though.

The childhood memories….remember?

Diwan-i-aam is unique, the hall’s columns and engrailed arches exhibit fine craftsmanship. There are many beautiful regions which are divided into big gardens. Going ahead, I took a lot of photos at Rang Mahal and Zafar Mahal, very unique structures.

The amazing craft at Diwan-i-aam
The White beauty-  Rang Mahal
Steady and firm- Zafar Mahal

CYMERA_20180602_165641 CYMERA_20180602_162953

CYMERA_20180617_163408   CYMERA_20180602_163839

As we had enough time, next we marched towards “The India Gate”. The 42-meter tall India Gate stands on a low base of red Bharatpur stone and rises in stages to a huge moulding. The wall has names of British Indian Army inscribed on it. Amar Jawan Jyoti is manned round the clock by soldiers drawn from the three services of the Indian armed forces. We sat there for few hours until the structure for lighted in TRI-colors. It looks mind-blowing in those royal colours.

The beauty with pride!
A big salute to all soldiers!
That night beauty!

Heading towards Janpath metro station, I had a nice conversation with Sanoj about the different aspects. He is one of the best persons I met in Steelcase. With a thankful goodbye, I got down at New Delhi station.

Thank you Sanoj for the wonderful evening. Meanwhile, doesn’t he look like Shikhar Dhavan?

From there, I travelled by Airport express.  It is the fastest way to commute in Delhi. In the rush hours, the road being jammed with heavy traffic, this is a lifeline. The metro takes you to the international airport terminal 3 in just 20 mins from the heart of the city, the busiest zone, New Delhi railway station. It’s a top-notch, the price is dearth cheap too, just Rs. 50. The train is clean, spacious and high-tech. Anyone visiting Delhi must have this cool ride.

The Airport express

CYMERA_20180602_220533 CYMERA_20180602_220610

I got down at Aerocity and headed to terminal D1.

Oh shit! Flight got delayed by 3 hours and I was really tired as of now. Hopefully, there were good shops to check out. I had my last meal and went to take some rest. The alarm was loud enough to wake up all crowd, lol…….

In the dozy state, I entered in the Indigo Airbus, somehow went up to the window seat (it was a dark night, but still my favourite place) and went off before the plane takes off. I barely waked up in between except to drink water.

Aaya re baba Pune…….husshh!

I was fortunate enough that the driver was waiting just after I came from the exit gate. Again, went off in the car, too. The driver said, “Saheb, ghar aaya, abhi to utho“. I went up to the house and saw something outside.

The morning sun was about to peep, shall I get ready for office?

Ooye hoye, it’s a weekend. So jao Bhai………bhurrrrrrrrr…..Zzzzz….

Delhi is like a mini India. You find people of all communities here. It is a north Indian city resides a surprising number of South Indians, North East Indians and the likes of other communities.

If you want to visit India and you have a time restraint. Just visit Dil walo ki Delhi!


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